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Tarjeteria artesanal El Castillo de Ana


Welcome to a new and fresh style of invitations and stationery!

We perfectly know that the design of your invitations is the prologue for your celebration, but most important of all, the

design has to reflect you, your style and personality, so you wouldn’t choose an ordinary or generic stationery, would you?  

You are in the right place!  Our designs are unique, original, with great attention to detail and the best thing,

they are handmade - something that you won’t find easily nowadays.

♥︎  Our cards, invitations, advent calendars and stationery are designed and printed in Ecuador on FSC fine italian papers,

using only the high quality art material. ♥︎

We give personalised service, beautiful designs and on schedule, all essential elements to plan your special day. 

We do not let an algorithm take your order, we prepare every order with the utmost care.

We pride ourselves of our craftmanship, wich has allowed our store to prosper for 9 years meeting each and every

order on time – developing quite a record of happy customers.



​When you choose your favorite(s) stationery designs, you can send us a message  through email or whatsapp. 

We will contact you in order to define the details, delivery costs and the artwork for your stationery.

We are here to help and advise you.  If you are trouble choosing the perfect desing

for you, don’t worry, we can figure it out through some questions or video conference. 

Our range of products is vast, not all the designs are displayed on this web page,

we are sure we can find a design that fits your style.

                                                                         Our designs are original, if you have an example of a design you

                                                                        want, you can send it to us and we will do our best to produce our

                                                                  own version, using it as an inspiration to create something personal for you.

A fee for 50% of the total estimated payment for your order is due once we have established

your design and labels for the stationery.  International customers, please send us your

exact billing and address details, so we are able to obtain a postage quote for your order.​

We will immediately work on your design and send you a photo so we can discuss if

there is any change you may like to make. Please be sure to double check all the details

                                                           of your stationary on this step. 

Once you are happy with the draft we will charge the remaining 50% balance and

promptly get to work on completing your order, delivering it as soon as possible.

We like to hear from you, if you have questions or special requests please write us at our email:  or whatsapp: (+593) 997316639

We will be pleased to help you.

Bunting titulo - como funciona.jpg
Bunting titulo - como funciona.jpg
Bunting titulo - como funciona.jpg
Bunting titulo - como funciona.jpg
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