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The story of “El Castillo de Ana” begun in 2015, after finding my Christmas’s Collection Cards that my grandparents

sent me each year since I was a kid.  I treasured them, they are very special to me. I could feel all my grandparent’s

love and warmth in their shaky handwriting. You cannot compare these unique cards with those that are printed

by the thousands.


I wanted to share those vintage and beautiful designs with my family and friends, and share with everyone those dear memories that evoked in me. The time when surrounded by the scent of sweets and cakes baking at my

grandmother’s kitchen, we sat together to craft our presents.  Those were my first handmade Christmas Cards,

and it feels like a dream now that I am being asked to customize them for English, Spanish, French and German

language speakers.

This lovely Christmas tradition of sending Greetings Cards begun in England, back in 1843, by the visionary

Sir Henry Cole and the talented illustrator John Horsley.  It has been more than 180 years of this lovely tradition!!!

​Over the years, drawings and themes have changed since the first Christmas Greeting Cards, the care and detail

of handmade craftsmanship disappearing through time, and that is precisely what I mean to recover. 

You can share a warmth loving message despite the distance and difficult times, a fondly remembered text,

framed in a beautiful handmade card, “Emotions in a Card”.

Following my successful Christmas Greetings Cards, I was asked to design wedding invitations from a very fond

friend of mine. Nothing didn’t fit the style of the wedding and everywhere she looked, she saw the same

old traditional invitations designs. I accepted her challenge and tailored her wishes into those invitations.

It was a pleasant surprise seeing everyone talk about them, everybody loved them.


Orders arrived, not only for wedding stationery, but for Christening, first Communion and many other celebrations. 

But when passion is involved, work is light and fun.  Wonderful ideas started to flow out of my mind and that

kitchen table - where all the adventure began – suddenly overflowed with diverse greetings.

Nowadays my workshop has a wide range of products where customized design is the main star. 

All cards and paper products are made from FSC certified fibbers, assuring your handwritten message is

enveloped within an elegant and beautiful paper card, creating a lasting impression for the addressee - who

will always take your thoughts to heart for a lifetime!

All products can be customized for English, Spanish, French and German language speakers. 

It is a new design stationery with a vintage, elegant and delicate touches, inspired by nature, books, photography.

We want to offer our dear customers something different, new, attractive and a lovely souvenir.

This web page contains some of our range of products, but we regularly add new pieces to our growing collection, so be sure to visit our web page regularly to see what's new.  If you need more information about our products or need to see more designs, please write us at:  or at our whatsapp (+593) 997316639.


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